3L Ranch is home to Maurice Thibault and Susan Nelson and is located on 25 acres.  It features a large 135' X 180' multi-use arena, a standard 60m X 20m dressage court, a 100' round pen, a 60' round pen, a 5 acre trotting track (under construction), a beautiful 6 stall Castlebrook barn with runs, several outdoor pipe corrals, and 3 large hillside paddocks.  Right from the driveway of 3L Ranch there are endless hours of spectacular natural trails to ride which are off limits to motorcylces or ATV.

      3L Ranch is located in a mountain pass between the San Joaquin Valley and the Mojave Desert.  The ranch is in the foothills of the southern Sierra Nevada mountain range of Central California.   At 4,200 ft elevation, 3L Ranch is considered high desert.  Our mountain sides are dotted with juniper trees, sage brush, rabbit bush, pine trees, oak trees, cacti, century plants, yucca and seasonal wildflowers. 

     The small town of Tehachapi is located 16 miles from the ranch and is world reknowned for the Tehachapi Loop, a railroad engineering feat of the 19th century. As well, Tehachapi is famous for their agriculture, specifically their fruit orchards.


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