Maurice's Story

Horses have been  my life,  born a city boy, it was difficult for me to satisfy my hunger to be with horses. My only  exposure to horses was a summer vacation at my uncle's dairy farm who had a couple of draft horses. Something about the place was mystical to me. The smell of farm, the  smell of horses triggered something in me. As a teenager, the opportunity to ride a horse and to own one came along. From that point in time I have always had horses  in my life. Horses fascinated me. As a young man, I had the chance to move to British Columbia to work as a cowboy on some  of the largest ranches in Canada. Over a ten years period, I chased wild bovines from the back of a horse, I was fortunate, and  got to ride some really good horses.


I had developed a desire to become a true horseman. I read all I could find on the subject of natural horsemanship, and try to follow a few master, one of them being Mr. Ray Hunt. I took several clinics from him, especially in colt starting. I also came to know several good horsemen, but  none of them could provide me with what I needed to fulfill my desire to learn.


I finally found  what I had been looking for when I crossed trail with Pat and Linda Parelli in  November of 2000. I had been looking for a true, honest, and natural way to communicate with horses. Winning a competition didn't mean anything to me if I knew I had cheated my horse. The day I saw Pat Parelli at  the tour, my life changed,  I remember sitting in Fayetteville, Arkansas watching  Pat on his stallion Liberty in total admiration. I really felt as if Pat was talking to me that day.


From  that day on  I have never been the same, I plunged into Pat's  program head first and  never stopped. Still, today, I  hunger for more  knowledge and I am fortunate that Pat and Linda can provide this knowledge through their incredible program. I am better today than I  ever have been and will  be better tomorrow because  the program is so progressive. Thanks to Pat and Linda  for providing me with this  program, with their support and their encouragement. I  don't care about competition any more because I win every day with my own horses. My
successes and the  incredible relationship I have with my  horses is beyond comparison.


I have moved all over North America; from Quebec City where I was born and raised to British Colombia where  I worked on the largest cattle ranches in Canada, Louisiana which I called  home  for nearly 20 years, and  now California is where I  have settled into my new  place I call home.   

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